The Idea Lab

I am not an idea factory, however I try to be creative and curious. I like writing new ideas on my iPhone and texting them to friends (notably Nick and AK). Ya know, tryna make as much use of my digital tertiary layer.

If I ever remember them, I can ignite an intellectually stimulating conversation and bring it up as a table topic. Who knows, in the beginning, everything was just an idea.

Thinking you know exactly where you’ll be is a kind of lack of humility that doesn’t let you invent.
    - J. B. (Hint: Not Bieber)

Simple ideas for the future:


Some apps I would like to code one day in my free time, or you might want to try yourself:

Some Amateur Coding

My friend AK showed me this binary search algorithm:

def binarySearch(alist, item):
first = 0
last = len(alist)-1
found = False

while first < =last and not found:
midpoint = (first + last)//2
if alist[midpoint] == item:
found = True
if item < alist[midpoint]:
last = midpoint-1
first = midpoint+1

return found

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