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Hello world!

I am an anatomically modern student at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Welcome to my webpage! (I know it’s still a bit primitive-looking, stay tuned for updates!)

Physics & Mathematics

I believe P&M to be one of the greatest creations of human intellect.


I enjoy learning about neuronal pathways and their relation to meta cognition and the senses.

Puerto Rico

Born and raised in Guaynabo, I developed as a child and teenager in San Juan while fostering what are now some truly intimate friendships. My pham also resides there. One day, I will be back.


I have come to enjoy stoicism. What happens, happens and it is according to nature.

Don’t really know the solution to free will versus determinism, since my second consciousness tends to be quite difficult to keep shut. Maybe, this is all a simulation. Who knows.


Books are an amazing creation.

More so, Audible. I recommend giving it a try if you’re trying to acquire side knowledge very pleasurably (word?). Information flows into you like a sponge. It’s changed my life.


My mind sometimes spawns ideas out of the blue, or maybe after hours (or minutes) of thinking. Check them out and give some feedback if you wish :).


Some websites I made in my free time to learn HTML & CSS, following the book Head First HTML & CSS, 2nd Edition.


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